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INTRODUCING DOUG MARTELL When you sit down to write a few words about Doug Martell, it's hard to know where to begin.

As a semi-pro DJ in his formative years he specialised in Soul and Tamla-Motown music, and enjoyed several years learning the trade, playing in high profile clubs and all nighter venues. 1970 saw Doug as a 'Butlins' Redcoat spending a summer season working alongside major acts and many sports celebrities.

During the following eighteen months he helped friends while they made their way up the music charts, once again gaining invaluable experience touring with the Top 20 act.

1972 saw Doug working at 'The Hive' in Bournemouth, enjoying the unique experience working both in and outdoors during the summer with many famous rock groups of the day. In 1973 Doug moved to Weymouth and started up his large roadshow, with which he toured for several important agencies throughout the country.

Doug also won the prestigious national disc jockey competition sponsored by 'DJ and Radio Monthly' magazine. As well as several national offers, Doug took the opportunity for a working trip to the USA to see the TV and Radio world at first hand in the States.

The following three years saw Doug travelling to most European countries, working in hotels, nightclubs and discotheques, playing music for all age groups. During this time Doug was offered a residency as a disc jockey in Denmark's leading discotheque. A great year was spent working alongside a vast array of talent, varying from The Sex Pistols to Muddy Waters, and all forms of music in-between!

Whilst working in Denmark, Doug met, and married, a Danish girl. The following ten years saw Doug and his wife establish and operate the country's leading disc jockey agency. Being the first foreigner to hold an entertainments licence was an enormous privilege. While running the agency, Doug learned new skills in man management and organising. He was also employed by a Scandinavian music paper as a photo journalist and interviewing many famous artistes during their north European tours. Occasionally he was asked to produce and perform voice-overs and promotional material for leading companies.

In 1986 the family decided to move back to England and establish DME England, and to continue running his very successful road show. He still spends some time touring Europe, and has now the luxury of being more select in choosing the venues, having many stately homes and prestigious events behind him.

So with all these facets in the entertainment business over the past forty years or more, Doug seeks new challenges with all the enthusiasm of those early years and with the benefit of all his experience behind him.

Doug Martell Entertainments, DME, can formulate a complete package of entertainment tailored to suit your needs.  From Corporate theme nights to birthdays and weddings.  If you feel we can be of service to you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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